The Right-2-Left Project
I am right-handed.  I’ve always had a fascination with left-handedness. As a child I thought it was unique and special to have that gift. Left-handed people catch my attention – athletes, actors, new acquaintances, the President. Sometimes I write with my left hand, just for fun. It looks abysmal.

I don’t think I am utilizing both sides of my brain as much as I’m able. I’m thinking that if I use my left hand every day for tasks that I naturally would do with my right hand it would be a good challenge, maybe change the way I think and use my brain. So I am starting today, beginning with writing, doing it for a year and see where it leads.

I’m excited that my friend Kelly is joining me. Because she is left-handed she will use her right hand instead. It will be interesting to get her perspective especially since all her life she has been adapting to a right-handed world.


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