Day 316 : ruh roh

Sandy: How did it get so late? 11:51 PM and I haven’t written for my blog nor drawn anything. Can I say it is because I started the day tired and have been wheezing off and on (mini asthma ailment)? Blame it on no brain power to think of topic. Or I’m distracted by emails and work? I took a new acquaintance to his first experience at El Rio tonight. He, how do you say, scatted? Did scat? He was great, at any rate. The band was exceptional. He brought the house down. I just did regular things today – ate with my left hand, cut up salad makings with my left hand, brushed my teeth with my left hand. Just one of those boring days.

Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.


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