Day 289 : light


Sandy: Left-handed Thomas Edison invented the long-lasting, practical, carbon filament, electric light bulb (not the original incandescent bulb). After over 130 years of popular use, it is being phased out and replaced by energy saving bulbs – halogen, compact fluorescent lamps (CFL) and light-emitting diode (LED). Originally the replacement bulbs could not be dimmed with a rheostat but now more bulbs have that ability. Another downside is that the perceived color the new bulbs emit are all different. I don’t understand the jargon on the package of these new bulbs. Sixty watts doesn’t translate to 60 watts on the new bulbs, and there are lumens, energy use and life thrown in there, too. The incandescent bulbs of old had a really nice, simple shape, the way an egg does. Now they are coiled, flat or look complicated. 

Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.


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