Day 248 : 3.5, not


Sandy: Quite a few tennis players I know have not and will no longer play in the USTA league because of all the pressure and rules. A crazy thing happened to CFH, one of my doubles partners this year. CFH played in USTA for a few years, took a couple years off from playing tennis and started playing again this year. She stopped playing with a computer rating of 3.5 and returned self-rating herself as a 3.5. Reasonable, yes? CFH and I played well together, in part because she was left-handed and I could set her up to poach a return of serve by serving wide on the ad side. Apparently, if you are self-rated, the games you play are automatically scrutinized differently than computer rated players. CFH won 4 matches this season, three of them with me as her partner. She got red flagged and all the matches she played have been changed to losses for her and the team. Her rating has been changed to 4.0 and has to play at that higher level for 3 years. (I know, pretty lousy image but I feel pretty lousy for CFH.)

Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.


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