Day 167 : dad


Sandy: We, my husband, me, our children, don’t really “celebrate” Father’s Day. We try not to buy into the commercial holidays. I think appreciation or gratitude should be expressed any time those feelings should arise, not just on one day that the government designated. Though when some of my siblings are making a special trip to be in town with Dad this weekend, it’s hard to ignore the day as one to acknowledge Dad, a man who – provided security, instilled values, taught us practical things like how to change the car’s oil and shop for a good value, created a home where the children want to return to with their own children, is a terrific grandfather. I’m wondering about the feelings that come up for children who don’t have a father, doesn’t know their father, have been abandoned by or been abused by their father.

Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.


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