Day 121 : shoe tying

Shoe tying may not necessarily be right or left handed. It could be more about how one is taught and how that person learned before teaching someone else. Kelly and I tie shoes the same way. Does that mean we are both tying left handed or right handed?


Sandy: I surveyed my children to find out how they tied their shoes because I recall catching a glimpse of one of them recently and it was different than my way. My oldest daughter is the only one who ties like me – cross the right shoe string over the left, make and hold the first loop with the left hand, second shoe string circles the first loop to make a hole and push through the second loop. The other three children make and holds the first loop with the right hand, then circles the second shoe string around with the left hand and finishes the bow. I’m thinking I probably was facing these three children when teaching how to tie their shoes because it’s a mirror image of what I do whereas the first child most likely learned while she sat in my lap.

My son’s description:
start with shoelaces in each hand, left lace over right, under it and tighten, right hand shoe lace turns into a tree, left hand lace (fox) runs around the tree, fox runs into its home and both bunny ears are pulled tight.
thats on a good day…
(he’s almost 25)
Kelly: My 7 year old hasn’t mastered tying shoes yet. When he wears the one pair of tennis shoes he has with shoelaces, he is basically running around all day with shoelaces dragging behind him and tripping on them. I’ve noticed that teachers generally help the kids at school tie them again. He mostly wears his 2 pairs of shoes w/ velcro. Easy in, easy out…. Maybe by the time he goes to college….

Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.


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