Day 90 : japanese

Japanese furniture design philosophy was different from Bauhaus and Arts and Crafts in that form followed function instead of there being no distinction between form and function. Most Japanese homes have very little furniture but there was a lot of useful meaning for each piece.


In Japanese, kaidan-dansu means step chests. They were created to serve a dual purpose – as storage and as steps –  and typically were made to be movable, made with draws and sometimes sliding doors.

Kotatsu is a large and very low table that has a heater underneath. The focal point of a Japanese room is kotatsu, it is like a dining room in a typical American house. Kotatsu is where the Japanese spend the most beautiful moments of their lives with family and friends, drinking their tea, eating and talking.

Tatami is woven straw mats. Japanese rooms have several of them.

We cannot talk about Japanese furniture without mentioning the wonderful paper screens known as shoji. They are true art works and they are adorned with various art prints.

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