Day 65 : cheese

Sandy: I recently brushed my teeth using a manual toothbrush with my left hand. Admittedly, I have been using an electric toothbrush all along which was difficult enough to manipulate. Manual brushing was trickier. I roughed up  my gums a little and jabbed the inside of my mouth inadvertently. And it took twice as long.

It wasn’t until now that I realize how much I take for granted these small motor skills I have with my right hand. My left hand is never dormant, it has just been less dominant. I’m a two-handed typist and type pretty fast. I used to play the piano and flute which, like typing, requires equal participation of both hands doing almost identical tasks. Unlike cutting food where one hand holds and the other manages the knife. I cut myself cutting an onion. But the not so funny thing is that I had the knife in my right hand and the not very sharp knife slipped off the very slippery onion breaking the skin of my thumb. Made me want to switch hands and cut using my left. Can’t wait for the day that I can confidently do that.

Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.


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