Day 48 : friends

We did a quick drawing of each other, face to face, then took our photographs so we could see the likeness. Not bad. We laughed the entire time.


Interesting that Sandy knows twice as many left-handers than Kelly.

Sandy’s friends: KellyK, JackL, LenaC, KennyT, KathyB, AlexT, JenS, RickS, RundiH, JeffP, PJK, RobinW, ZhengC, VirgilN, MichaelN, ErinM, NeilR, JimS, DougR, EliC, MartyneV, CristyE, PamP, SaraD, BarbaraS. When I began this project, at least 6 friends said they, too, had always wanted to be left-handed – I wasn’t alone. Some of them were also designers. Wish I still worked in an office with creative people so I could take a poll; I’m sure there are many lefties.

Kelly’s friends: PJK, ChrisR, TuckR.

From tennis we share the same friends: CamB, RobinBr, RobinBu, ZoeS, NancyH, JimB, KatherineP, NoelS, GabyD. That is a lot of left handers on a team!


Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.


2 responses to “Day 48 : friends

  • Pam Parkins Cach

    This is cool Sandy! Wow… amazing to think you did these with “the other hand”. Did you find it hard not to drag your hand over the work? Just curious. XO

    • rtwol

      Sorry this is a delayed reply, somehow I missed your comment. No, I don’t find it difficult to avoid dragging my hand across the art. My hand is below what I’m drawing. When I’m using the pastels I don’t put my hand down, though sometimes if I need to, I’ll put a piece of paper on top of the art just like I do when I use my right hand.

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