Day 43 : air writing


Sandy: A month ago LauraGW jostled loose one of my childhood memories when she recalled how, as a child, she would write her name in the air with her finger using her dominant right hand. Simultaneously she would do it with her left hand. As a result, her left hand wrote her name backwards and mirror image. I tried it myself and my left hand did the same thing, mirrored my right hand, without much effort.

A few days ago I wanted to do a demonstration for Kelly, thinking it would a fun thing to share on our blog. My left hand had trouble writing, it kept trying to write in the same direction as my right hand. Kelly tried it and her right hand couldn’t write backwards (for left-handers writing would be backwards). I’m wondering if it is because the ability to use our less dominant hand is improving. If you try it, let us know how it worked for you.


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