Day 37 : left presidents


Today is the anniversary of Ronald Reagan‘s birth. A few articles I read suggests he was ambidextrous. In Presidential photos he held a pen in his right hand. I also read that as a child he used his left hand but was forced by teachers to use his right hand. It could be that he wrote with his right hand or it’s possible photos were flopped to fit the layout (those darn art directors).

Left-handed presidential candidates since 1992 – George H. W. Bush, Bill Clinton, Ross Perot, Bob Dole (right hand was paralyzed by an injury in World War II), Al Gore, John Kerry, John Edwards, John McCain and Barack Obama.

Five out of the last seven presidents have been left-handed which would include Gerald Ford. Other past Presidents said to be left-handed are Harry S. TrumanHerbert HooverJames A. Garfield (ambidextrous).

Kelly: Sage Brush? Really… It all looked like bushes. literally. with tiny yellow flowers.


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