Day 24 : eraser



Interesting how our right and left hands know what to do when performing tasks together, i.e. opening jars, washing dishes, cutting with knife and fork. But when you require the hands to take on the opposite task, it feels awkward. Try brushing your teeth with the opposite hand. Try erasing. When I press my right hand fingers down to hold the paper, my left hand automatically pressed harder which made it hard to move the eraser across the paper. My brain clicked on and thought it knew what I wanted my hands to do but I had to override it.

Sandy: I told Kelly I thought it was okay to use an eraser now. Her response, “I am. I have been.”  (And here I was feeling guilty that I hadn’t told her when I started using an eraser.) I’m so pleased that my handwriting is improving and I evenly stacked the words so they look centered (no erasing!).


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