Day 21 : Led by the Left


Sandy: I noticed when Obama was signing documents with his left hand after being inaugurated, his arm was above the document, his wrist and hand curled around clockwise, almost writing upside down. It’s a technique I’ve seen used by many left handers. Kelly doesn’t write that way but I think lefties do that so they can see as they write each character. Otherwise their fingers and pencil block their vision. (Kelly: I’ve always turned the page 45-90 degrees clockwise that  I’m working on to avoid that awkward arm/wrist curl)

Kelly: Cherokee Rose is commonly associated with the Trail of Tears, the forced relocation of Native Americans in the southeastern United States. Its petals represent the women’s tears shed[1] during the period of great hardship and grief throughout US government-forced march from the Cherokees‘ home to U.S. forts. The flower has a gold center, symbolizing the gold taken from the Cherokee tribe.[2]


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