Day 14 : numbers 6 – 10


Sandy: I notice my drawings are getting lighter. I’m afraid to commit pencil to paper for fear of drawing poorly or making a mistake. Kelly’s drawings have gotten darker, she has more conviction (or is disturbed). Kelly?

I’ve got a stiff neck. On my left side. I’m thinking it’s from when I practiced writing on Saturday night. AAAAAA after aaaaaaa after AaAaAaAa. Silly, huh. I am determined to write better. I was pretty happy when I laid down the 6, then a pretty good 7. But I lost the slant on 8, fell apart on 9, and the zero was really shakey.

One of the things I hope to accomplish is to become more physically balanced. For years, beyond being able to count, I have endured neck, shoulder and hand issues on my right side. By engaging my left side, my hand primarily, I’m hoping to relieve some of the work load from my right side



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