Going Right-2-Left


I am right-handed.  I’ve always had a fascination with left-handedness. As a child I thought it was unique and special to have that gift. Left-handed people catch my attention – athletes, actors, new acquaintances, the President. Sometimes I write with my left hand, just for fun. It looks abysmal.

I don’t think I am utilizing both sides of my brain as much as I’m able. I’m thinking that if I use my left hand every day for tasks that I naturally would do with my right hand it would be a good challenge, maybe change the way I think and use my brain. So I am starting today, beginning with writing, doing it for a year and see where it leads.

I’m excited that my friend Kelly is joining me. Because she is left-handed she will use her right hand instead. It will be interesting to get her perspective especially since all her life she has been adapting to a right-handed world.


7 responses to “Going Right-2-Left

  • Judi

    You guys are already pretty good with your opposite hands. Can’t wait to see what it looks like in 365 days.

  • Sharon Soong

    Awesome challenge! Can’t wait to follow the adventure.

  • Ginger Gradeff

    Wow, thank God I can type! This is really hard. How do I post my day 1 drawing? I went for a picture of an apple since thats a bit easier to draw than a hand. Observations:
    *I tended to turn my left hand upside down the way many left handed people write. ( More for the drawing though instead of the writing.)
    * I had to focus hard and it took some time (we should track how long it takes to do the drawing and writing
    *Pressing down hard made it easier to stay straight (I think kids do that when learning to write)
    *I had more control on the left side of the apple than the right side.
    A pencil is easier to use than a pen

  • Pam Parkins Cach

    This is an amazing experiment. I had not thought about many of the observation you have written here. OMGosh! How fun!! Thanks for sharing this amazing journey. Sandy… I write up the page… Lefties do this to avoid smearing the medium (pencil, ink, charcoal) and you don’t get it on the side of your hand as much. It is still not easy to avoid dragging your hand on the page. Fabulous to see what you two are doing. ♥

  • Pam Parkins Cach

    Of course! This is fun. Last weekend I put coffee in a new Starbucks mug. It would not screw on to align the opening with your mouth when holding in your left hand. Which I realize is another thing I do… hold my coffee in my left hand. Cocktails I’m right handed… lol… go figure the silliness of it all. XO

  • rtwol

    Wow! Wonder if it even came up in product design. My guess is that it wouldn’t unless a left-hander were on the team.

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