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Day 31 : month one


We are celebrating one month of work. Sometimes when it’s hard to get the assignment done because of work, kids, family, tennis, we don’t feel we can do our best. But we did it anyway. That is one of our challenges – endurance.

Sandy: There is no scientific evidence but I’ve gotten worse at Words with Friends since I started using my left hand. Wait! I thought my brain was getting more stimulation! More to come.


Day 30 : magic number


It is said that it takes 30 days to change a habit. How long does it take to change a lifestyle? What about handedness? Some people lose the use of their dominant hand, either temporarily or permanently so obviously we are not doing anything new, except we are doing it by choice and logging our experience,  maybe give someone encouragement while they struggle to shift from one hand to the other.

Sandy: Funny thing happened. We’ve been drawing our flowers the night before the post date. When I didn’t get Kelly’s by the evening, I called her and she had forgotten (bogged down with  work until 8:30!). In the meantime, since I had time, I drew two flowers tonight. By accident I had drawn Kelly’s flower. So it worked out well; here are two drawings by me. 

Day 29 : dedication


So it is said, dedication and hard work pays off. Well, I think it is starting to.

Sandy: I’m dedicating this drawing to two people who inspire me – Judi, designer, and Amy, writer. Both are very creative and artistic. My work is shadowed by what they do. Coincidentally, their favorite flower is the peony.

Kelly: I’ve always had a hard time “painting” with the mouse in photoshop because I do it with my right hand normally.  I never switched my mouse over to my left side. It would be too awkward now…

Day 28 : botany


Botanical illustrations are so elegant. The drawings were meant to help identify species, in many cases for medicinal purposes, illustrating the anatomy of the plant. The earliest surviving botanical drawings, dated 512, are contained in a copy of Dioscorides’ de Materia Medica.

Sandy: I mucked up my perfectly good carnation by adding color. I had a great line drawing and couldn’t control the pastel. Redrawing the edges of the petals with a pastel didn’t work so well. One can barely tell it’s a carnation now.

Day 27 : being passive


Sandy: Sometimes my right hand doesn’t know what to do when I’m using my left. Interesting that the right hand is being re-trained to be passive, secondary, submissive. I feel less awkward using a fork. Picking up a pencil feels more comfortable. Sometimes my left hand engages without a conscious command from me and almost simultaneously I have to tell my right hand to not engage.

Day 26 : practice, practice, practice


Inspired by Kelly’s Dogwood colored version.

Sandy: My husband told me he wished he could draw. I told him if he practiced, he would be able. I reminded him that I couldn’t draw with my left hand and now, after 26 days, I’ve become pretty good, (well at least the flowers resemble their photos) but it’s because I’m working at it, drawing everyday. He said when he took a drawing class a few years ago, he couldn’t get what he saw go through his brain and through the pencil onto the paper. He thinks I can see things in a way that I can translate and draw it. He can’t. Is there something to that?

Sandy’s year long journey – going from being a right-hander to left-hander, and Kelly’s parallel trip as a left-hander doing things as a right-hander.

Day 25 : corpus callosum


Corpus callosum is the largest white matter structure in the brain and connects the left and right cerebral hemispheres. This is where our five senses on one hemisphere of the brain and the intuitive and memory aspects of the other  side, can come together into a coherent memory (i.e. this steaming hot cup of cocoa smells delicious but will burn my tongue).

Sandy: Does my drawing look realistic enough to stimulate the beauty and smell of a rose? 

Oh, Kelly, color to differentiate from your other Dogwood. Nice. Do I dare suggest we try colored pencils, markers, painting? gulp. 

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